Farecla G3 Advance Liquid Compound 1L


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Advanced G3 Liquid Compound now offers more cut and a higher gloss finish than ever before.
For sheer all-round performance on paintwork defects.
Use with water.

For best results by machine follow these recommended steps:
Soak Advanced G Mop Compounding Foam in clean water.
Squeeze excess water from foam and fit to a polishing machine.
Spin off excess water until there is no over-spray from the foam.
Apply a small amount of advanced G3 Liquid to the paint surface (about the same
size as the flip top on the bottle).
Spread compound onto the panel with foam before starting the machine
(reduces splatter).
Begin compounding with a running speed of 1500-1800rpm. Buff until marks have
been removed.
Keep the G Mop damp by spraying minimal amounts of clean water from a Farécla
water spray bottle. Add more Advanced G3 Liquid Compound if necessary to completely
remove the marks.



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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 30 x 9 x 9 cm


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